Payment reform innovation: 4 years strong and still improving

Health plans are leading the way to higher-quality, affordable health care with new payment structures that reduce spending and improve care quality. Just look an independent study released yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine, which shows how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ Alternative Quality Contract has achieved lower costs and better care for its members. Continue reading

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Chart of the day: Health literacy edition

Health Literacy Month is almost over, but a chart from the Urban Institute reminds us that it’s an ever-important issue. The chart shows that limited ability to read (literacy) and work with numbers (numeracy) creates barriers to obtaining and using health insurance benefits. Continue reading

A chorus of criticism over provider consolidation

Partners HealthCare in Massachusetts already has grown to include 10 hospitals, and according to an article in The Boston Globe, plans to add three more hospitals seem to be more about growing its empire than helping its patients. Continue reading