Policymakers Address Health Savings Accounts and Zika Virus Response

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Congress has had its hands full on various pieces of legislation, including a response to the Zika Virus, cost-saving programs for Medicare, and the expansion of health savings accounts, to name a few. Continue reading

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Health Plan-Bio Collaboration Drives Patient-Centered Care

A recent blog post in Health Affairs shows that collaboration in the health care system is needed to deliver high-value, patient-centered care. We are seeing this in action with two health care organizations that are working together to foster a value-based approach to medical innovation. Continue reading

Drug of the Week: A Blockbuster Orphan Drug

The latest Drug of the Week installment calls attention to a growing problem that’s putting pharmaceutical profits ahead of patient access: abuse of the Orphan Drug Act. This exploitation is what enables Rituxan to be considered an orphan drug while also being the 12th best-selling medication in the United States. Continue reading