Medicare drug coverage: Peace of mind that’s good for the wallet

The majority of seniors are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and it’s not hard to see why. Just take a look at a July survey showing how Medicare Part D continues to be one of the federal government’s most successful programs. Meeting the expectations of roughly 40 million beneficiaries isn’t an easy feat, but that’s exactly what Medicare Part D does. As the survey notes, Part D plans achieved that success by consistently providing seniors [...]

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Politico: Exposing Medicare misalignment

A new article from Politico Magazine calls more attention to misaligned incentives plaguing the health care system and driving up costs. It spotlights how a physician committee sets Medicare fees for physician services and procedures, skewing payments in favor of expensive specialists. And it does so with little transparency or public discussion. The secrecy and power driving Medicare’s reimbursement system creates misaligned incentives that put value on the backburner and encourage less efficient, wasteful, and expensive healthcare choices. The article [...]

Medicaid health plans get innovative

As we’ve highlighted this week, health plans play an important role in providing access to better care, better health outcomes, and better value for millions of beneficiaries who depend on public programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare Part D. And there’s plenty to look at, given health plans’ long track record of success in Medicaid managed care. For instance, one health plan implemented an integrated care management program that gives Medicaid members with multiple chronic conditions access to nurse care [...]